Plastic Fish Records


On the 27th October 2014, Plastic Fish Records released a compilation EP called American Sole that includes the best up and coming new indie acts from the UK, the US and Europe.

‘Beach Youth’s “Days” stands out by using its straightforward approach to accentuate the infectious melody, allowing it to shine through.’- Earmilk

‘Yoofs’ track “Cant Think” is a Proggish Indie Pop song with a chirpy yet laid back charm that hits all the right notes.’- Subba Cultcha

‘You’ll be swept away by The Sea The Sea’s mesmerizing hooks and deep instrumentation’. – Earbuddy

Plastic Fish Records is an independent UK record label that provides the voice and the support for underground bands. We have already signed a variety of indie acts that represent the sound of youth and vigorous energy from all over the world.


Please contact us at for details about up and coming releases.