Beach Youth

Beach Youth: ‘Days’

“Beach Youth” is an indie-pop band from Normandy in France. The band comprises Simon Dumottier, Etienne Froidure, Louis-Antonin Lesieur and Gautier Caignaert. As their name suggests, this four-piece and their new single “Days” have an unmistakable taste for tropical rhythms and sun-soaked instrumentation that sit comfortably between Swim Deep, Phoenix and Magic Man.

“With a surf pop style that hints at a shoegaze influence mixed with tropical undertones, “Days” offers a matured progression. Unlike the previous clear as day material found on Beach Youth’s SoundCloud, “Days” focuses on the bands grittier edge. While the heavy instrumentals carry the song forward, vocals and chants are found just above the top layer guiding verses along. Simplistic throughout, “Days” stands out by using its straightforward approach to accentuate the infectious melody, allowing it to shine through.” Earmilk