Nicotine Dream

Introducing NYC Nicotine Dream. A band made up of two guys with a sole focus on making raw, intimate and emotional sounds. The industrial backdrop of NYC is a clear influence in Nicotine Dream’s rough and ready style.

Nicholas Burk and Marshall Rauh met randomly when they became roommates through a mutual party on craigslist. Marshall is a music student and Nick had just moved up to NYC from Memphis, where he’d played in a few punk and weirdo bands! The two jammed, recorded it and out spawned a self titled debut E.P, which is as raw as punk but with all the heart of the mid-south.

Nicotine Dream (Self-titled) is due to be released digitally on Monday 23rd of June and will be available to pre-order on I-tunes from 2nd June.


“New York’s Nicotine Dream know their addictions. They’ve put a firm flag on the corner of wistful and melancholy lo-fi with their demo EP, a four track exploration of remorse, reflection, and resignation. Every track has a straight from cassette sound that enchants the listener in a way music this moody wouldn’t normally be capable of.” – Sirens of Decay 2014.

“This is our gift to you, four songs presented with none of the finer details, but delivered with the knowing that when you close your curtains and press play, the walls of your bedroom will slowly disappear and you’ll feel something, at the very least.” – Gold Flake Paint 2014.

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